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Who exactly is Solomon’s Vault Global?

Solomon’s Vault Global LLC is an Independent Broker Agency who oversees a platform that provides benefits for individuals and businesses who have interest in niche resources and educational hubs within a private social community for enrichment and goal achievement. There is access to tools for personal development and for various subject matter which is also extended to members from various Professionals who support the members through their scope of expertise to assist with learning.

I’ve never heard of this.  How long has it been around? 

We’ve been in business well over 2 decades and together even longer providing services to our communities at large.  The Principal and Founder has an extensive corporate background that spans over 15 years and has been a solid entrepreneur since 2014. 

What are the benefits of SV Global Community? 

The Community is a solutions driven association. Meaning, participants find answers for their needs or gain insights that are usable for them.  Members can choose their level of benefits to access.  

How much does it cost to be a part of this Community?

Association participation has a monthly fee that is similar to a special dinner for two! 🙂  Due to the nature of some resources, partnerships and possible licensing regulations, there could be an additional fee here and there which cannot be changed – nor, if it’s a requirement by law – but using the resource would also be upon participants decision to access it, if chosen. It will always be noted as an “option”.

If I get one of the added services, how do I know the Professionals or Partners are reputable? 

All of the professionals have more than a decade of experience and are committed to providing excellent service.  In today’s climate of changing laws, new technology, you name it; there are mandates to stay up-to-date in many industries being Licensed, Registered or Certified. We also require that the utmost professionalism and respect be given within the community and when working with us.

If you feel a Professional is not so up to par, do tell us by contacting our office!  We’re open to all feedback and frankly, we want to know. You may even look for us to survey you at any time. We trust our professionals and partners who have been a wonderful asset to the Community to date.

Will I receive a Packet or ID Card?

Member cards will be delivered via postal mail and addresses will be verified for accurate delivery. 

Is there a refund policy from SV Global?

There may be a refund request and the process is addressed as the initial member profile is completed, and also a refund policy may be given before-hand if any added service is obtained.  If you do not see it, feel free to ask about this or any policy. 

How can I reach an SV Global Professional?

Contact the Business Office during regular hours or schedule appointments from within the Community.  If you are not a part of the Community just yet, you may still reach out to a Consultant or Licensed Broker to assist with your needs by contacting our Associates with the Financial Wealth Group for assistance by using the same contact telephone number and appropriate prompts.

What are the Office Hours? 

8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST.  Monday through Friday.  If the Attendant is unavailable, freely leave a message with your name and/or the name of your personal, professional manager for a prompt call back from someone which could also be returned after hours up to 8:00 pm EST. State in your message the latest time to call, if you prefer.  It’s our pleasure to speak with you anytime!

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